Our Submission for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 150 

Theme: "You're the Enemy"

#WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame

Play as a devastating virus hell-bent on destroying its host. Given the pandemic, we figured we'd go with the greatest enemy out there.

Shoot at the White Blood Cell good guys with Left Mouse Button

Use E to spawn a new virus clone

Use WASD to move them and SPACE to place them

Use Q to use the ultimate QUAKE shockwave to annihilate every cell in the perimeter (BUT at a price)

Developersadwitrbuckbeak//fahim, origreenleaf
Sound and MusicAdrenaline by cinematicmusic.channel 

We have struggled with the sound quite a bit and it's definitely not our strong suit, but hopefully we were able to create something interesting and definitely fun.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Pestilence for PC v4.zip 30 MB

Development log


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Well done. Cool game though I had no chance of winning.

Thank you so much! We appreciate you for trying tho haha


Great game guys keep up the amazing work



Proud of you all. Great game. 

no we're proud of you for playing this. <3


Definitely a cool game! Keep up the good work


Cool stuff, Maybe making the choosing towers interface more convenient would be nice. Like the names and the graphics

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! will definitely try!