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Arriving home from a hard day of work, you lay down for a quick nap, and suddenly get interrupted by your wife's cheerful voice, "Dinner's ready! ~ " 

Your eyes widen, you just realized the situation you're in. Last time you ate her home cooked meal, you were out cold for 2 weeks. You quickly pick up a box next to you. It's do or die! Gotta sneak past her and get out of the house, and maybe get some chinese food or something. 

P.S.  This was our first game as a team and our very first game jam!

Developers: Adwit, Fahim, Sanjid
Artists: Kam  

Enjoy the game and any feedback will be highly appreciated!

Install instructions

  • Extract the downloaded .rar file
  • Run the "Honey, Dinners Ready!.exe" file 
  • Use D or Right Arrow to move right, and A or Left Arrow to move left in the game


Honey, Dinnner's Ready! v1.3.rar 15 MB

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